Status: *Open***

* DM me for any inquiry


Read my T.O.S. and F.A.Q.s before commissioning me~!
*Comercial fee already included

** ❖ Listed prices are base prices ❖ **

Half body450$350$700$
Full body600$500$1000$

What includes?

**Art **
- PNG and PSD files of your model
- 3 simple extra expressions (e.g.: Sparkly eyes, heart eyes, blush, etc.)
- Canvas size: starts at 4000x5000px

- Files for it to run on VtubeStudio (You will only receive the tracking files - moc3)
- Head/body movement (xyz), mouth/eyebrows/eyes rig, breathing and full physics (head, body hair, mouth, etc).
- Basic sad, happy, and angry expressions
- Mouth X (ios devices only)


*(+ ⇔ Starting at)

ArtRigArt + Rig
Complex desing fee+ 100$+ 100$+ 150$
Simple expression10$ each10$ each15$ each
Complex expression+ 20$ each+ 20$ each+ 25$ each
Animal ear/tail/horns+ 20$+ 20$+ 40$
Alternative outfit+ 100$+ 100$+ 150$
Alternative hairstyle+ 100$+ 100$+ 150$
Extra arm/leg toggles+ 50$ each+ 50$ each+ 70$ each
Design fee+100$-+100$
Vbridger ios only-80$80$
Cheek puff ios only-20$20$
Tongue out ios only-50$50$

Prices might vary (+/-) depending on complexity. Feel free to DM me for a more accurate quote

How to order?

Send me a doc. through dm to any of my social media (preferred Twitter or Discord (Nahi#2597) with the following information:
- Type of commission: Rig, Art+Rig
- Type of model: Fullbody, halfbody or chibi
- Character reference sheet/PSD:
- Character personality:
- Expressions: Provide references if needed
- Extras: Outft/Hairstyle/etc
- Note: Optional
- Paypal e-mail:

Terms Of Service

==Last update: 03 January 2023 ==

1. I have the right to deny any commission request
2. Credit me properly on your social media when using my work.
3. Commercial fee is already included in the price, which means you can use your model for streaming, content creation, etc.
4. Redistributing/sharing the PSD/VTS tracking files provided is forbidden.
5. You/other artists are forbidden to alter the model without first discussing it with me.
6. In case you want to resell your model, please notify me. The price cannot be higher than what you paid for.
7. I retain the rights to post showcases and commissioned work on my portfolio and social media.
1. Upfront payment. DM in case you want to ask for a payment plan (at least half of the payment before starting).
2. Work will be completed and delivered after work is full paid.
3. Payment method: prices are in USD and it will be done through a Paypal invoice.
4. There are no refunds once I start. If I have not started, I can refund the 100% (this does not include the Paypal fee).
◇ Please, don't rush me. I will be as communicative as possible and provide WIPs for each step.
1. Sketch/color picking phase: only step where you can make major changes (up to 5 revisions).
2. Lineart/color phase: minor changes/corrections can be done (up to 3 revisions).
3. PSD and PNG files will be delivered.
1. After providing the PSD file, a general revision will be done. Naming and layering must be standardized.
2. If the PSD file you provide is not standardized, I might ask you to fix it. Additional fees might be added if I fix it by myself.
3. There will be a fee for asymmetric poses.
4. You might ask for wip tracking files (moc3.) in case you want to test tracking on Vtube Studio.
5. Only tracking files (moc3.) will be delivered after the work is done.
6. I will help you with the Vtube Studio setup in case you have any inquiries.
*You will receive only digital files.

By commissioning me you agree with all my terms of service~!


What's your TAT?
I don't like to set specific dates but you may expect a maximum of three months, however, one (rig) or two months (art+rig) should be enough. I like to be detailed, so be patient, please. I like to be as communicative as possible, so I will inform you if there are any delays. Let me know in case you have a specific deadline.
Will you post previews on your social medias?
I post all my art on my social media but if you don't want to reveal your model until your debut let me know. Once you reveal it, tell me so I can post it too!
Can I ask about the progress of my model or wips?
Sure! As long as you don't rush me it's fine.
Keep in mind that these are not revisions where you can make changes! Is just for you to see the progress.
In case I already have an artist/rigger, can they contact you to make the creation process of my vtuber more efficient?
As long as your artist is fine with it I will be more than happy to work with both of you ♥
I have another question...
Feel free to DM me~!**Preferably through Discord (Nahi#2597) or Twitter ˆˆ